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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  October 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 -- alive, local, late breaking, this is wbal news at noon. >> are big story this noon -- convicted child sex abuse or jerry sandusky will spend at least 30 years in prison. this was handed down by a judge
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this morning in belmont, pennsylvania. meantime, and overturned tractor trailer shut down a section of 95 or route 8:00 this morning on the tidings memorial bridge. when they arrived on the scene, police found the truck overturned along with another vehicle. a fuel spill happened after the truck flipped over and one person was hurt. no word on what led to the crash. 95 north remains shut down at this time. tiffany alston is accused of using campaign money for what expenses bridge was found guilty of misdemeanor theft of misconduct after she reportedly used state funding to pay employee of for law office. she found her license -- she lost her license to practice law in maryland about two weeks ago. another meeting will be held today for residents to address concerns regarding the city's proposal to pay parts of
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patterson park. the controversial plan calls for creating a new loop to add 96 parking spots and will accommodate rec center renovations and a senior center and port -- opponents say would cut down on green speech -- green space. a fund raiser is scheduled this afternoon to help benefit the victim of the perry hall high school shooting. the mcdonald's will donate 25% of all food sales to the expenses. he suffered from down systems and was shot on the side of the torso on the first day of school. the fund raiser begins at 4:30 this afternoon. >> the rain ended this morning but it is still fairly cloudy and chilly outside. 57 degrees is the current temperature at the airport. that is up from lows this
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morning in the upper 40's. the clouds are likely to stick around for the rest of the afternoon and that will keep the temperatures down. we are expected to reach a high temperature of only 60 this afternoon as northwest winds bring in cool air. clouded by 6:00 p.m. and dropping down to 56 and will drop down to 52 by 9:00 p.m. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow and we will have that coming up in the full forecast. >> there was an ending well worth the wait for the orioles as they edged out the yankees 484-to end. things looked shaky after the end of a strange first inning. there was a double into right field. there is a nice relay but the tag was avoided twice to score the first run of the game. take a closer look, the umpire got it right and the yankees' lead 1-0 and in the third inning, there was a two-run
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single and the o's would end when more and in the ninth, jim johnson, striking out alex rodriguez to end the game. whether you are at camden yards or watching at home, you can feel the magic. every family talked to who was not wearing a new york church said this one was the best game they ever experience. everyone is feeling the orioles magic. >> awesome, i have been a season-ticket holder for 20 years and this is awesome. >> we did a great job and we will go to yankee stadium and it will have a brand new series. we will take the alcs. >> once again, the orioles had to the bronx where they will play the yankees in game 3 of the alds to maronite at 7:30. if they can win two of the next
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three games, they will advance to the alcs. tickets went on sale this morning on the they could potentially host three of the games and tickets will be limited and will likely sell out quickly. we have been checking ulocal for the biggest orioles fan and this guy might be it. this is an impressive orioles had collection. -- hat collection. show was your orioles aren't on, click on ulocal. ." authorities up, make progress on a missing child in colorado.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> authorities in colorado extend their search for the missing child disappeared friday after leaving her school in suburban denver neighborhood. the only item discovered so far is her backpack which was found on a sidewalk in the neighborhood 6 miles from her home. an islamic cleric will appear in federal court in new york city
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accused of conspiring to establish a jihad training camp in oregon and advocating violence is the odd and afghanistan. he will face charges relating to a hostage incident in yemen and two other men have pre-trial conferences on charges they held the bomb embassies. two more are facing tolerated -- terrorist-related activities and all the more extricated -- were extradited from britain and spent years fighting the move. nasa says it has spotted a small shiny object on the surface of the red planet and they're not sure what it is. the tiny object was discovered as the rover curiosity collected its first scoop of martian surface. mission scientists suspect the object might be part of the rover. the curiosity is already beaming out -- beaming back pictures.
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still to come, leg and back pain that comes with the lumbar can be unbearable but now a new treatment has come to light and details in our medical alert. >> rain is starting to wind down across the east coast but more could be on the way. temperatures are below normal today and we will have details when we come back with the full forecast. here is a live look for ocean city. it is chilly downtown
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>> jerry sandusky will spend at least 30 years in prison which was handed down by a judge this morning in pennsylvania.
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we have details. >> he left the courthouse in a back seat. he showed little emotion minutes after being sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. his attorney says he is already preparing an appeal. >> we will challenge the fact that we needed more time to prepare adequately his defense. >> the former penn state of -- assistant football coach declared his innocence before the court. >> my heart, i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts back to a law professor described him as emotional and confused but it avoided any remorse. >> there was one line where he said i have been kissed by dogs and bitten by dogs. >> his statement today was a masterpiece in banal self delusion, untethered from reality without any acceptance
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of responsibility. >> neither his wife or daughter spoke but both were at the hearing. three victims spoke detailing the impact of the abuse they suffered. he was convicted sexually abusing 10 boys over 15 years. >> i hope the trial and its notome shows that they're victims anymore. >> maybe this is one step toward healing for the victims. any real sense of closure for the victims will likely remain on hold while jerry sandusky appeals decision arguing he did not have enough time to form a defense. >> in consumer alert, the giant food recalls a brand of gelato due to possible salmonella
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contain -- contamination. officials said the pit of bader -- set the peanut butter is supplied and is involved in national salmonella recall. there has been no reported illnesses. customers are asked to discard any unused portions and bring in their receipt for a full refund. on your trip to the gross restore, chances are you have not stopped in for a greeting card lately. paper cards have been replaced with online substances. this has become a challenge for the -- for hallmark cards. the company announced it would close its chances plant that made about 1/3 of its cards. >> now, your instaweather plus forecast with meteorologist eva marie. >> at least we're done with most of the rain around baltimore but more could be on the way.
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this is what is left over. it is still impacting near ocean city and some light rain showers near new york city but the east is starting to dry out. another storm system showing up on the raider extends from upper michigan down into nebraska with light rain showers tracking into the great lakes region. we have to watch the cold front as we get into tomorrow. otherwise, we are seeing a lot of clouds in the sky right now. we will get a brief area of high pressure before the next front moves in. this one is likely to be fairly weak it may not bring a lot of precipitation with us but is likely to bring a drop in temperatures. the temperatures will be swarming and have it. 57 degrees today, 60 degrees downtown, 59 in annapolis. with the cloud cover, we're not expecting these temperatures to change into the afternoon. at the most, we are expecting
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three-five more degrees. this is about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. the forecaster for tonight will be chilly, down to 53 degrees downtown but 40's out into the suburbs. mostly cloudy skies early on and a slight clearing into the night. that could form some fog early to morning. into tomorrow, the shower activity will be on the coast. this model is trying to trended back into baltimore but that is not certain. we're watching the next cold front as a comes across the great lakes and moves into pennsylvania tomorrow and eventually gets closer to baltimore but this model shows by 6:00 p.m., there is no clouds or precipitation to speak out. the front may not bring very much rain that is likely to bring a drop in temperatures. we have to watch this front as it could impact new york city by tomorrow evening wear the o's are playing the yankees.
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by tomorrow afternoon and evening, there's a slight chance of rain. it is something we will be watching. 68 the high-temperature tomorrow in new york. if they continue the rest of the series into friday, they should deal with fairly nice weather. our seven-day forecast shows it will be around 59 degrees this afternoon, 70 on wednesday which is the warm-up i had of that front and a week chance of showers into the evening hours, 62 behind that front on thursday, 68 on friday and saturday looks beautiful for the baltimore running festival. >> for patients with lumbar synosis, back and leg pain can be painful. there are major complications with the cure. a less invasive procedure could change logs. >> -- lives. >> is much easier and less
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painful for this man to walk these days. until a few months ago, his lower back was shot. >> it was from costs of lifting and turning. >> he had what some 3 million americans suffer from, lumbar synosis. >> it centers around the nerves of the lower back. typical of that is difficulty walking and lower back pain. the nerve to come down for the lower back. >> he was in and out of work and underwent physical therapy and to pay medication and had regular course on injections. >> they would last for four or five months. then i would be back in physical therapy and start all over again. >> until he came to see dr. charles kenaley. >> you would normally make an incision in the middle and open up theone to
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dinar is that a new not invasive procedure has been discovered that we find the opening between the bones that is naturally there and we're able to use a probe like this one here and slide it into the hall and track down along the mayor of. >> using this flexible device, the doctor opens up that area and he shows paul the before and after. >> these are the same bones here and we are able to put the device into here. this is how much space you had in the poll which was narrow. we shave that open a little bit. yet much more space for the nerve to come out. >> the first week after surgery was difficult. >> every week after that it got better and better. >> he is doing something he has not been able to do in years. >> i am playing golf and walking 18 holes. >> remarkable recovery.
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coming >> up
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>> john perdue is here to answer your gardening questions. it is a little chilly outside and that is affecting how people garden. >> this is eight eugenia plans.
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-- this is a eugenia plant. it does well in low light and moderate moisture. >> our first question is about tropical plants and house plants and when they should be moved indoors. >> probably be done now. we had the chance of frost the last couple of days in certain areas. a lot of the tropical plants do not like temperatures below 45 degrees. it is time to bring them in. >> what are some solutions that will keep stink bugs from coming into my home there. >> they are an issue. we did not see problems with them over the summer but now they are starting to come into by population. the only thing you can do is try to seal up your home as much as possible. they work their way into any little tunnel -- tiny cracker crust. >> are there any late-season
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crops aiken planted? >> at this point in the season, if you want to plant anything from seed, the only thing you could do is spinach or kale. ne leave the crops that will take cold weather. if you can find some cabbage or broccoli, you could probably still get something out of that. >> appreciate your time as always and we will see you next time. if you have a plant or gardening question, go to our website at tonight, more questions and answers as police investigate the tragic murder of the baltimore teen. we want to learn how 16-year-old girl when the shot in the head and who pulled the trigger. new numbers on a maryland jury impact, less than 30 was days away from the election and how they could impact the election. the orioles are on to new york and 11 news has team coverage of
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the championship series. those stories and more of an 11 news at 5:00. now you're maryland lottery pick three and picked no respect for numbers. >> good afternoon, i am from 98 rock and your pick 3 numbers are -- 9, as printed on the ball,0, and seven that makes your pick 3 numbers 907. the maryland lottery is introducing the pick 4 quarter, up, the base of debt is only 25 cents and more details at >> or pick 4 numbers are --5-4- 9-5.
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recapping the pick 4 game -- 5495. let yourself play. >> we have one last check of the forecast. >> we are about 10 degrees below normal today. tomorrow looks more -- looks warmer with 70 degrees the high temperature. there is a minimal chance of rain tomorrow. temperatures by thursday down to 62 and 68 on friday and week chance of rain and beautiful on saturday for the baltimore running festival. >> parrot late runners like the chillier temperature. >> you warm up as you run. >> i am not a runner but i would imagine that helps. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. be sure to watch tonight. have a great day.
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